JCA DE KOK is a young platform for visual arts in The Hague (The Netherlands). JCA DE KOK has a permanent home in the Lange Beestenmarkt 99, that is located in the old part of the city centre of The Hague. The building was recently renovated into a sober white cube-like art space. The name JCA DE KOK comes from the plaque in the facade of the building.

JCA DE KOK offers space to artists of all disciplines, curators and advisors in visual arts, for research, experiment, reflection, and ‘exposure’.

JCA DE KOK realizes a programme of projects and exhibitions where mutual inspiration, discussion and exchange, between artists as well as artists and public, are central. It focuses on ┬┤generations┬┤ in the arts, and investigates whether exchange and cooperation of different generations gives a renewed view on the differences and agreements between established, mid-career and young artists, in matters of opinion, decisive influences and artistic practice.